Bandwidth Lets Users Send Text Messages from Teams – UC Today

Bandwidth Lets Users Send Text Messages from Teams – UC Today

Bandwidth Lets Users Send Text Messages from Teams – UC Today 0 0 Alan Dickson

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Bandwidth launches an app to bring SMS messaging to Teams
Bandwidth has released its “Send-To” app to enable Direct Routing users to send SMS and multimedia messages from within Microsoft Teams.
The app is designed to enable faster and more efficient workflows due to users being able to send messages from within the Teams platform rather than having to use their mobile phones.
Send-To has expanded on Bandwidth’s Duet For Microsoft Teams beyond the voice and e911 capabilities to create a rounded UC experience.
It is now available to Teams customers who use Bandwidth for Direct Routing in the US.
John Bell, Bandwidth’s Chief Product Officer, said: “As messaging becomes an increasingly preferred way to communicate, employees shouldn’t have to use their personal phone numbers to conduct mission-critical communications–whether with their co-workers inside an organization or when reaching out to customers, partners, suppliers or other stakeholders.
“Our new Send-To app is the latest example of Bandwidth’s continuous innovation to expand our longtime partnerships with platform leaders like Microsoft and accelerate the enterprise communications move to the cloud.”
According to Bandwidth, the Send-To app can be installed and deployed quickly to maintain simplicity and boost customer satisfaction.
The app mitigates any security or governance issues that stem from using personal devices for business messaging and further protects privacy as customers control how messages and contacts are retained within their own Teams platform.
Bandwidth’s Duet for Microsoft Teams is a Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solution is designed to help businesses move to cloud communications.
The solution allows companies to unbundle their telephony and easily integrate their entire communication systems to replace legacy telecom carriers and most on-premise equipment.
Bandwidth recently combined its network and API solutions with Alianza’s communications platform to enable cloud migration.
The solution targets communication service providers (CSPs) using legacy infrastructure, helping them to transition to cloud-based services for voice, messaging, videoconferencing, and emergency services.  
When announcing the union, the Bandwidth-Alianza partnership revealed it already had 50 CSP customers across the US and Canada. 
Bandwidth is a global communications software company that produces cloud-ready voice, messaging and emergency services.
Global brands such as Cisco, Microsoft, Google, RingCentral, Uber, Zoom, and more use Bandwidth’s APIs to easily embed communications into software and applications.

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