Teams Bing Chat AI open on phone infront of a keyboad

Microsoft has sought to position Bing‘s new AI chat feature in a dominant position right as the generative AI wave began raging on. With the latest updates, it’s also becoming more accessible for everyone.

Microsoft introduced a few changes to Bing meant to improve the way you interact with the chatbot, making it easier to access — and for some people, easier to speak to. For one, you’ll soon be able to add a Bing widget to your home screen. This will let you quickly start typing a query for Bing to answer it promptly, or you can use the microphone button to speak your query out loud instead.

Another huge change is in how Bing handles conversations across multiple devices. Now, if you start a conversation on your desktop computer, you can continue it on your phone while you’re on the go if you want. One use case example of this feature is looking up a recipe using Bing, having it generate one for you, then asking for a replacement for an ingredient if your grocery store is out of that specific item.

Finally, but not least important, Bing is making improvements to voice chat and text chat in non-English languages. Microsoft isn’t saying which languages it supports better now, but if you speak a different language, the only way to know for sure is to give it a shot and see how fluent Bing is.

Source: Microsoft