Cloud Collaboration Governance Expert Rencore Publishes Best Practice Whitepaper for governing Microsoft Teams – PR Web

Cloud Collaboration Governance Expert Rencore Publishes Best Practice Whitepaper for governing Microsoft Teams – PR Web

Cloud Collaboration Governance Expert Rencore Publishes Best Practice Whitepaper for governing Microsoft Teams – PR Web 0 0 Alan Dickson

MUNICH, Germany (PRWEB) September 22, 2022
Rencore, the provider of award-winning software for governing Microsoft 365, today published the free guide “Microsoft Teams governance best practices”. The whitepaper explores the central role Teams plays in the Microsoft collaboration ecosystem and offers best practices for implementing an effective Teams governance strategy that helps reduce clutter, control data access and sharing, and supports a better all-around collaboration experience.
In Teams, Microsoft has created a central hub that is pivotal for modern business collaboration. Since its launch in 2017, uptake has been exponential, and during the COVID-19 lockdown, adoption rates soared as organizations and employees navigated remote and flexible working.
However, the rapid adoption of Teams and the urgency at which solutions were deployed during the pandemic has caused massive growth in teams, channels, and chats, resulting in an increasingly cluttered Microsoft 365 environment. Furthermore, the lack of compliance and regulatory standards has led to some bad user habits. For many companies there has been no formal structure around which Teams should be managed and used. Effective Teams governance is necessary for protecting business data and documents, containing sprawl, and ensuring the platform works optimally for end users.
“Teams enabled millions of users to collaborate when they needed to the most. It stepped up during the pandemic as the most comprehensive collaboration solution,” said Matthias Einig, Co-Founder and CEO at Rencore. “Consequently, problems caused by a lack of governance have created a bottleneck for IT making it hard to manage platform use and allow end users to collaborate freely. Throughout this whitepaper, we examine the importance of designing and executing a Teams governance strategy to foster open collaboration across Teams and related services in a controlled way.”
A Teams governance strategy must account for the interdependence between the different services that are integrated and used within Teams such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Yammer, and the Power Platform. At this point, most governance strategies fall short. The whitepaper provides all the details to implement such a strategy at scale and create a central place for governance where IT admins and platform owners have ownership over holistic data, policies, reporting, and actions.
To download a copy of the free Microsoft 365 visibility whitepaper, click here.
About Rencore:
Rencore is a B2B software company providing award-winning solutions essential for staying in control of cloud collaboration technologies. Our customers rely on our tools to simplify, automate, and speed up their everyday governance, risk, and compliance challenges. Rencore’s diverse, global customer base ranges from mid-sized businesses to enterprises that use their products as SaaS or self-hosted tools. Consultancies and managed service providers build their cloud governance and operations services around Rencore’s powerful solutions. Learn more at

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