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How To Draw in Microsoft Word – Software Advice

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By: on November 8, 2021
With Microsoft Word drawings, users are able to convey complex concepts through illustrations. Whether you are an artist or not, Word’s drawing features are quite simple to use, making it easy for users to add intriguing visuals to supplement the text in your Word document. You have the option to choose between two types of drawing tools: pen tools (optimal for text markup) and shapes (optimal for simple drawings).
In this step-by-step guide, you will learn about these two different approaches to drawing in Word.

To change the fill color of a shape, click the “Shape Fill” button. Select no fill, a standard color, a theme color, or a custom color to fill in your Word drawing. You may also choose a gradient fill, texture fill, or a picture.
Click the 3D box icon underneath the “Shape Effect” panel to apply dimension to your drawing. Select your drawing, and then click your desired shape effect to apply the effect.
Select the “Edit Shape” button, and click “Edit Points”. Use your cursor to manually adjust the placement of pixels on your drawing.

You may notice that drawing with shapes in Word can be difficult, especially when attempting to mark up a document. In situations like this, make use of the pen tools in Microsoft Word to create art instead of drawing with shapes. Pen tools offer a variety of digital pens, highlighters, and pencils for illustrations such as document markups that require a more delicate brush stroke.
Under the “Draw” tab, click the eraser tool. Select your desired eraser size from the drop down menu, then drag the eraser over the drawing you would like to remove.
When creating lengthy reports, including visuals helps keep your audience engaged with the material you are presenting. With Microsoft Word, creators no longer need to use multiple forms of software to create stimulating illustrations to help convey complex information.
Word offers drawing features that allow users to create freeform drawings, use shapes to create complex illustrations, and even scribble directly on the Word document itself.
For tablet users, instead of using your mouse to draw in Word, you can use your finger as a cursor to form shapes or guide the pen tool to create captivating illustrations, which is optimal for on-the-go document creation.
The scribble tool can be difficult when using Microsoft Word to draw on a desktop. Thankfully, Word offers a variety of premade shapes that can be utilized to create illustrations.
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