How to Set Up and Use MLA Format in Microsoft Word – Online Tech Tips

How to Set Up and Use MLA Format in Microsoft Word – Online Tech Tips

How to Set Up and Use MLA Format in Microsoft Word – Online Tech Tips 0 0 Alan Dickson

Important to know when writing your dissertation

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is an organization that provides guidelines for professional and academic writers. Many universities, employers, and professional agencies now require writers to conform to the MLA style since it’s easy to use and consistent.
In this article, we’ll cover how you can use the MLA format in Microsoft Word.
Here are the basic MLA guidelines:
Here’s how you can organize your Word document so that it conforms to the MLA guidelines. We’ll cover each requirement in turn, so start at the top and work your way down.
To set 1-inch margins:
To change the font:
To set double-spacing:
To set paragraph indentation:
Alternatively, you can press the tab key before starting each new paragraph.
To set your header:
To set page numbers:
Now that your formatting is set up, it’s time to include the required information on the first page of your document.
This should be one to four lines with your full name and other key information such as your course name, course number, instructor’s name, and date (written in a day, month, year format).
After the date, click the Enter key, type your document or research paper’s title and center the text by pressing Align Text Center in the Home tab.
If you include citations in your document, these also need to conform to the MLA handbook. The list should be:
To include a hanging indent, select your citation list, right-click your document and select Paragraph. In the Indentation section, select the drop-down box underneath Special, select Hanging, and click OK.
Now that you’ve formatted your MLA paper correctly, it’s finally time to get writing. With this formatting guide, you’ll have no trouble passing the MLA requirements. Just make sure to double-check your document before you submit it!
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