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How to Transcribe an Audio File in Microsoft Word – groovyPost

How to Transcribe an Audio File in Microsoft Word – groovyPost 0 0 Alan Dickson

Are you looking for an easy way to transcribe audio to text in a document? If you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can use Microsoft Word. Here’s how.
Microsoft provides an audio transcription service for Microsoft 365 premium subscribers. This feature allows you to dictate a file in real-time and convert it to a document. You can also take an existing audio file and transcribe it into a Word document. This feature comes in handy when you need to transcribe a lecture from your professor or an important presentation from your boss or other colleagues.
Note: For this to work, you need to  use the online version of Microsoft Word and have a valid Microsoft 365 subscription.
To transcribe an audio file, you need to have Word online. If you try the free version, it will prompt you to sign up for a premium account.
To get started, use the following steps:
The amount of time it takes to complete the transcribe process will vary depending on the amount of data you have. But after it’s complete, it will load to OneDrive for later use.
If there is more than one speaker in a Microsoft Word transcription, they’ll be identified as “Speaker 1,” “Speaker 2,” Speaker 3,” etc.
transcribe an audio file to microsoft to wordtranscribe an audio file to microsoft to word
It’s also important to note that you can edit transcriptions. For example, hang over the section that needs an edit and click the pencil icon to edit it.
Type in your edit and click the Confirm button.
 confirm option confirm option
When you’re ready to place the transcription in your document, click the Add to document button at the bottom.
transcribe an audio file to microsoft wordtranscribe an audio file to microsoft word
That’s it. Now the audio recording you did will appear in the Word document. The user can click and listen to the audio link. However, any text edits you make will just be text and no audio.
You can also have Word transcribe an existing audio file using the same tool.
To transcribe an audio file to Microsoft Word, use the following steps:
While it’s not perfect, this option can save a lot of time if you need to transcribe audio to a document—especially if you have a good mike and the speaker is clear and annunciates.
You can do other cool things with Microsoft Office apps, like sprucing up your presentations by adding audio to PowerPoint. Along the same lines, when you transcribe an audio file in Microsoft Office, you can also record voiceovers in PowerPoint. And if you’re a Google Docs user, it’s possible to add audio to Google Slides.
Very valuable to know! Thank you! I never would have guessed that 365 Premium, which I’ve had since its inceptiin, has such a feature.
BTW, in the second to the last paragraph the author writes: “…especially if you have a good mike and the speaker is clear and annunciates.” It’s “ENUNCIATES”, not “annunciates.” “Enunciate” means to speak clearly while “annunciate” means to announce.
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