Microsoft Bing AI Chat Is Now Within SwiftKey Keyboard: Here’s How Android Users Can Benefit

Microsoft Bing AI Chat Is Now Within SwiftKey Keyboard: Here’s How Android Users Can Benefit



The SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android now has Microsoft Bing AI search powered by ChatGPT. Microsoft claims the Bing AI Chatbot will add multiple features and benefits offered by the Generative AI platform.

Android smartphone, tablet, and even Smart TV users can now use ChatGPT directly without heading to the platform’s website. Users need to merely install and use the SwiftKey Keyboard app on their devices instead of the standard virtual keyboard app.

Windows Microsoft Bing AI Chat Is Now Within SwiftKey Keyboard App

Windows Microsoft Swiftkey Beta Keyboard Integrates Bing AI Bot

Pedram Rezaei, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer for Mobile and Commerce Division, confirmed Microsoft had added ChatGPT-powered Bing AI Chatbot to the SwiftKey Keyboard app for Android.

Did we just add major AI functionality to @SwiftKey? Slowly rolling out. Get yourself onto the Beta channel to taste the future.

— Pedram Rezaei (@pedram_re) April 6, 2023

It is important to note that the SwiftKey Keyboard app with the new Bing AI bot is currently available only for Android. Several people responded to Rezaei’s tweet asking about an iOS version of the SwiftKey beta. However, there’s been no response yet.

Microsoft had considered removing the SwiftKey keyboard for Apple’s iOS from the App Store last year. However, the company reconsidered and continued offering the app to iPhone users. So, Microsoft may offer the app with Bing AI bot to iPhone users soon.

Windows How To Use Microsoft Swiftkey Beta Keyboard With Bing AI Bot?

Google’s Android allows users to install and use third-party keyboard apps instead of the one that ships with the device. The SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the popular alternatives.

Users have to install the beta version of the SwiftKey Keyboard app from the Google Play Store. However, users can retain the stable version if they have installed the same and switch back and forth whenever needed.

By selecting the new SwiftKey beta as the keyboard on an Android device, users can search for information via Bing, ask the ChatGPT AI to rewrite a composed text, chat with the Generative AI platform to create or receive specific content and perform most of the other tasks that are performed in the standalone version of ChatGPT.


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Microsoft doesn’t mandate creating or using a Microsoft account. Users can skip logging in and continue to use the ChatGPT-powered Bing AI directly from within the Swiftkey Keyboard app.

Microsoft is rapidly integrating ChatGPT within its other products. The company recently offered updated Bing and Edge browser apps with the Generative AI platform and plans to do the same with MS Word, MS Outlook, and other products.

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