Microsoft Edge Workspaces Feature Now Available As Limited Public Preview 

Microsoft Edge Workspaces Feature Now Available As Limited Public Preview 

Windows Server

Windows Server Microsoft Edge Workspaces Feature Now Available For The Public

Microsoft surprised the industry last year by launching its very own workspace feature that lets you group similar tabs and share them with your friends and colleagues.

While the feature initially rolled out as an enterprise public preview in the 2022 Ignite Conference for developers and IT professionals, the recent announcement by the company confirms that the feature is now open to the public as well.

Edge Workspaces provides a great way for you to separate your browsing tasks into dedicated windows so you can stay focused and organized across tasks.Microsoft Edge team

Speaking of the new preview, it offers a much clearer view of the Workspace and its shareable tab feature, making it easier for people to understand how it all works. Basically, the new Workspaces lets you group multiple tabs on a similar topic and save them in a labeled group within Edge.

Edge Workspaces will create a centralized database for all project resources.

This feature might ring a bell for those who have been using Edge for a while now. After all, it’s similar to Edge’s Collection feature. However, since the new feature has been added to Workspaces, you get the added benefit of sharing them with your colleagues in a click, who can then edit the tabs in real time.

As explained by the Edge team, the entire purpose of adding this new feature is to help teams streamline their workflow instead of forcing team members to send work-related links back and forth or individually. The workspace will be available to each team member in real-time, who can further share or edit it.

Depending on your workspace settings, every team member will be allowed to add new tabs, web pages, or documents to the group. On top of that, Edge will keep them posted about the activities related to these shared links in real time.

Creating Your Own Workspace On Edge

If you’re new to Edge Workspaces, let us help you create your first workspace. Once you have logged into your Edge browser, you’ll see the Workspace tab on the top-left corner of the screen. Once you can click on it, you’ll be asked to name your Workspace and pick a color scheme according to your preference. After the initial setup is done, you can add research tabs and documents relevant to your work.

Currently, the Microsoft Edge Workspace feature is only limited to macOS and Windows users.

If you want to add new team members to the Workspace, hit “Invite” on the right of Edge’s address bar. You’ll be given a link which you can copy simply by clicking on “Copy Link” and sharing it over email to the concerned employee.

If they accept your invite, you’ll be able to see their icon on the workspace and the tab they are currently working on, which in turn will help you track your team’s progress and productivity.

It is expected that the company will expand the current list of limited testers in the coming months.

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