Nadella lauds India’s digital infra

Nadella lauds India’s digital infra


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Today a range of digital services – from communications, entertainment to e-commerce – have become ubiquitous. These are also part of the digital infrastructure that India-born Microsoft CEO is talking about.

New Delhi, Jan 19: In a conversation at the ongoing World Economic Forum (WEF) meet, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has lauded India’s digital infrastructure work and said that the country’s digital infra building capability is far ahead of others. The acknowledgement coming from one of the topmost CEOs of the world is also an indication that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India Mission’ is on the right track.

During the conversation, India-born Nadella narrated a story about how an Indian farmer got active assistance from ChatGPT as the nation through various tech startups is working in the integration of AI-based technologies. He lauded India’s efforts to place digital public goods wherein from payments to digital identity is being promoted.

Microsoft Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella


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Microsoft India achieving new heights

India has indeed achieved a lot in terms of reaching out to the poorest and remotest citizens through digital tools. For instance, with its National Digital Health Mission the government has created unique Health IDs of the individuals from which they could receive medical information across multiple systems the same could also be accessed by doctors.

Microsoft Microsoft chief Nadella meets PM Modi, hails BJP-govt's digital pushMicrosoft chief Nadella meets PM Modi, hails BJP-govt’s digital push

Moreover, the same Health ID was then integrated with the vaccination appointment slot portal (CoWIN), this was a unique proposition. This has helped the government maintain a database of the vaccinated population in real time. Whereas the government has used digital tools to enhance its delivery, the private sector has played an important role as well.

Today, a range of digital services from communications, entertainment, to e-commerce have become ubiquitous. These are also part of the digital infrastructure that Satya Nadella is talking about. Needless to say, India’s digital payment success story is redefining the way the country is being perceived.

Microsoft India leading in digital public goods

During a visit to India earlier, Nadella was also all praise for the Indian government’s efforts to utilise digital platforms to perform its duties. He had in his visit to India admitted that one of the things that’s great to see is India leading in digital public goods. Talking about the transformation, he had said that when it comes to the enlightened way in which India is building out digital infrastructure there is remarkable progress.

Whether it is the national identity systems or tools for electronic authentication and credentialing services India has built a robust infrastructure. The digital payment system has received massive investment not just from the private sector but the Indian government as well under various projects launched by the tech-savvy Prime Minister.


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