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Microsoft redesigns Copilot for the web and mobile

Copilot news article
One year into the full adoption of generative AI chatbots, Microsoft is unveiling an enhanced version of Copilot, inviting users to explore its fresh features and capabilities. With a sleeker design across both web and mobile platforms, Copilot offers a more intuitive user experience, presenting responses in a cleaner format. Additionally, users will now find a carousel of suggested prompts, making it easier to discover the breadth of Copilot's capabilities.

Timed perfectly with the upcoming Super Bowl, Microsoft is making a splash with its first advertisement in four years, showcasing Copilot and its multitude of functions within the mobile app. Since the introduction of the AI-powered Bing Chat a year ago, users have engaged in over 5 billion chats and generated an impressive 5 billion images through various Copilot experiences. As Microsoft consolidates its branding under Copilot, transitioning away from "Bing Chat," it underscores the platform's contribution to the growing market share of Bing and Edge browsers.

Excitingly, Copilot now offers expanded image-editing and creation features. With Designer in Copilot, available in select regions, users can seamlessly edit generated images without leaving the chat interface. From transforming images into pixel art to applying background blurs, the possibilities are endless. Subscribers to Copilot Pro can enjoy advanced functionalities like image resizing between landscape and square formats, all achievable without exiting the chat. Furthermore, Microsoft is set to unveil Designer GPT within Copilot, promising users an immersive canvas to visualize their ideas directly within the chat interface. Explore the enhanced Copilot experience today and unlock a world of creativity and productivity. Contact us to purchase licenses and elevate your digital interactions with Copilot!