AVG TuneUp 2023 – Unlimited Devices (10 devices) 1 Year

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AVG TuneUp 2020 lets you protect all your devices with just one purchase. It keeps all your devices optimized, and your identity and financial information secure. It’s also an easy and convenient way to manage your family’s online security. TuneUp 2020 gives you fast cleaning and performance optimization for up to 10 of your devices, safe banking features to help protect against fraud and a flexible subscription plan that’s right for you.

Featuring optimized virus protection, including AVG’s enhanced Web control for faster browsing, TuneUp’s powerful cloud-based scanning can run on up to 10 devices of your choice.

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Product Features:

  • Compatible Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, and Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit
  • AVG TuneUp: Full-featured toolkit for PC high-quality performance
  • Genuine product key
  • Complete version

Product Information:

VG TuneUp, formerly known as AVG PC Tuneup and TuneUp Utilities, is a utility software suite for Microsoft Windows designed to assist in the management, maintenance, optimization, configuration, and troubleshooting of a computer system. This suite includes advanced tools for system-wide optimization of your computer. TuneUp will scan your computer for system problems, present you with a list of tasks to complete in order to resolve the issues, and then give you the option to fix them all with a single click.

System runs smoothly

It’s time to say goodbye to the days when your PC ran like a snail. AVG TuneUp 2020 is just what you need to get back up to speed. With our patented technology that puts resource-hogging apps to sleep, you’ll notice the difference in performance in no time. It really is the best way to take care of that old workhorse!


When your software is out of date, it could be putting you at risk for malware and data theft. AVG TuneUp 2020 protects your devices by automatically updating 50+ apps on your PC, Mac, or tablet without any hassle. With just one click, the app will find the latest version of each one and install them with no effort required from you.

Speed up browsing

There are a lot of things that slow your computer down, but did you know that your browser can be one of them? This software is the simple solution to get back that fast, light performance. With Browser Cleaner to remove excess data like cookies and cached files, Surf lighter, and go faster with native ad-blocking features.

Less IT service cost

AVG TuneUp 2020 is the easiest way to care for your PC. With Automatic Maintenance, you can fix your most frustrating PC problems automatically. You’ll also be able to update your programs and keep track of everything happening on your computer with our new Activity Center. It’s like having an IT professional in your home!

Phone and Email Support

If you encounter a problem or are unable to find a solution, you can get 24/7 phone and email support backed by technical experts for quick and dependable responses.

System Requirements

System Requirements

Here are the minimum system requirements for installing this suite. We recommend exceeding these in order to guarantee yourself an enjoyable experience with this software:

  • Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster, 2-core processor.
  • Memory / RAM: 4 GB or more for 64-bit; 2 GB or more for 32-bit based systems.
  • Hard disk: A minimum of 4GB available hard disk space is required on the installation harddrive.
  • Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows 11 is required for Office 2021. Mac OS you MUST have the latest 3 versions of Mac OS installed.
  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher on Windows 10.
  • .NET version: Some features may require .NET 3.5 or 4.6 and higher to also be installed.
  • Other requirements:
    • Internet functionality requires an internet connection.
    • A Microsoft account may be required.
    • A touch-enabled device is required to use any multitouch functionality.
    • Functionality and graphics of the included applications may vary based on your system.
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