This is how to remove unnecessary apps from Microsoft office – Hindu Wire

This is how to remove unnecessary apps from Microsoft office – Hindu Wire

This is how to remove unnecessary apps from Microsoft office – Hindu Wire 0 0 Alan Dickson

Ms Office is an indispensable thing for all of us. We cannot do a Customize Install in Ms Office 2021 like the new Ms Office 365. That is to say, there is no option to install only the app we want like in the old office packages.
For example, if we only need apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel for our daily work, we are not able to install only those at the time of installing this office package.
Ms Office 365 and Ms Office 2021 include many apps that we need as well as some people don’t need.
• Word
• Excel
• Power point
• Outlook
• Publisher
• Access
• OneNote
• Skype
• Teams
• Visio
• Project
• Groove
This will only cause the HDD’s memory to be full by spending extra space on the HDD for apps that we don’t need after installing this package completely.
Today I am going to teach a small solution for that. That means how to install only the apps we need from these packages.
The first thing to do is to download the Ms Office package you need. (Download from here) then right click on it and say Mount. Then you will see the package mounted as a drive in This Pc as shown in the picture below. (We need the drive letter later)
For us, Office Deployment Tool (Download from here) is required. After downloading it, double click it and install it in a folder on the desktop (I have installed it in a folder called ofc). Then some more .xml files will be created, delete them.
After that we need another .xml file for this (download ofc.xml below). Put it in the same ofc folder. In that file it is mentioned which apps we don’t need to install. After opening it with Notepad, you can see some code. From there, select the line with the code of the apps you want to install and delete it. You may have noticed that Word, PowerPoint, and Excel are not included in the screen shot below. Those are the apps I am going to install.

Okay, now the last bit of work. Now open cmd by running as administrator.
After that, open the ofc folder and copy its path.
Now go to cmd and type cd and leave a space and paste the path you copied and enter.
As the last step, in cmd, type setup.exe /configure ofc.xml and enter.
Now you can see that only the apps we have selected will be installed as shown in the screenshot below.
Then we will meet again with a letter like this. Comment your opinion about this article below.
thank you.
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