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TORONTO (PRWEB) September 08, 2022, provider of the security industry’s most flexible common operating picture, along with Resolver, the leading provider of risk intelligence, today announced a formal partnership to support the physical security community. This partnership integrates Resolver’s newly launched Threat Protection solution, with the TopoONE platform. Customers can analyze threat and incident data to understand real-time impact to a range of assets within TopoONE.
“Partnering with Resolver provides our customers with an intuitive way to prioritize and action threats and avoid potential incidents,” says Alex Bagwell, CRO at “Using the TopoOne platform, combined with Resolver’s Risk Intelligence platform, customers can streamline corporate security, IT, risk, and compliance processes to make highly informed business decisions. The ability to quickly identify and geolocate critical risk and have insights into them delivered in real-time via the TopoOne platform is extremely important to our customers. This partnership enables our partners to further track risk and manage severe to low-risk events from identification through to resolution, making organizations and their customers safer."
Once a risk or emerging threat is identified, TopoONE seamlessly creates cases in Resolver’s market leading Incident Management or newly launched Threat Protection applications. These cases can then be prioritized, analyzed and actioned, with summary reports and data-feeding situation reports. Additionally, there is the seamless ability to integrate within communication channels such as Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, email, and more, to deliver best-in-class threat management. The bi-directional partnership updates case status and additional incidents into TopoONE for a fully updated and centralized view of all risks. The partnership continues to highlight the need for cooperation between security technology vendors across different platforms.
“Security teams recognize the importance of detecting and responding to threats, external and internal,” says Artem Sherman, Product Manager at Resolver. “Teams often have multiple systems and sources in place and need a way to bring them all together into a powerful platform that enables fast and effective triage, investigation, cross-functional collaboration, and response. Security leaders want to avoid disparate and manual processes, and need the ability to understand trends, gain insights, and mitigate future exposure. Resolver’s Threat Management offering leverages years of industry knowledge and experience to serve those needs and advance our risk intelligence vision,” Sherman explains.
Visit to learn more about Resolver’s Threat Protection application.
Visit to learn more about TopoONE’s critical event management platform.
About Resolver
Resolver gathers all risk data and analyzes it in context—revealing the true business impact within every risk. Its Risk Intelligence platform traces the extended impact of all types of risk—whether compliance or audit, incidents or threats—and translates those effects into quantifiable business metrics. Customers can communicate risk persuasively, framing it in terms of the business. And with this changed perspective comes an entirely new role for risk to play. Finally, risk goes from being seen as a barrier to becoming a strategic partner driving the business. Welcome to the new world of Risk Intelligence. 
About is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company that offers a cloud-based critical event management platform, TopoONE, used by security and supply chain teams to manage risk to their fixed and mobile physical assets. Customers use TopoONE to mitigate risk with 360-degree visibility of their duty of care, compressed response times, and enhanced team productivity. Using powerful visualization, workflow, communications, automation, and analytics, TopoONE has defined the future of security operations.
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