XContent and LMS365 bring you Freemium Learning – ITWeb

XContent and LMS365 bring you Freemium Learning – ITWeb

XContent and LMS365 bring you Freemium Learning – ITWeb 150 150 Alan Dickson

In a growing business, you have to prioritise both the professional and personal journeys your people are on. It can be challenging to build and nurture a learning culture to support those journeys. From finding time and resources, to creating content and courses.

That’s why XContent, in conjunction with LMS365, has launched LMS365 Freemium. Freemium is a free integrated learning platform packed with the full benefits to onboard, train, and develop your team and scale your organisation. 
We know the modern workplace is constantly in flux. Hybrid work has broadened the scope of employees’ locations, time zones and unique experiences. So, when it comes to keeping them connected, not just to the business but to each other, we believe that having a future-ready learning platform at your fingertips keeps learning flowing freely and your business moving forward.
As the only learning management platform built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, you get a solution which fully integrates with your preferred collaborative platforms from day one. Simply create the learning environment that fits your digital workspace based on your organisation’s needs and keep real-time pace with real-time growth.
Boost knowledge-sharing and encourage upskilling
Worse than a lack of practical resources, is a lack of mental resources. Small and medium-sized businesses often have people fatigued by multi-tasking, adapting and reacting. It is time to change that narrative.
Because LMS365 Freemium is built into Microsoft 365 and Teams, employees are empowered to learn whenever they want, wherever they are, in their own flow of work. This means you can embrace a continuous learning model that supports resilience, eliminates bottlenecks and breaks down knowledge barriers while encouraging engagement and upskilling.
This idea, democratised learning, gives people the ability to learn at their own pace and the confidence to share what they know.
Investing time to gain time
For over-booked, over-worked managers, implementing training and learning can be a burden. With LMS365 Freemium, there’s an initial time investment in authoring courses and programs but from there, learning becomes collaborative, engaging and automated.
You can find subject matter experts (SMEs) in your team to create and curate content all within the familiar Microsoft environment. That relieves the workload from any one person and supports a broader, more inclusive perspective on learning.
Plus, LMS365 Freemium has all the benefits of the full solution, so you get actionable insights to help ensure your employees grow, succeed and even stay compliant. Thus, by analysing learners’ data, you can consistently improve the learner experience.
LMS365 grows with your business
As your business grows and your team continues to evolve, your learning and development goals will probably change. With LMS365 Freemium, the aim is to make the full benefits of the platform truly accessible, free forever but ready to scale with your needs.
You can unleash your employees’ unique expertise, experience and perspectives, all with a platform that inspires curiosity, creativity and collaboration. Each and every day.
If you would like a demonstration of LMS365 Freemium, then reach out to the XContent team by e-mail, query@xcontent.com with the subject line, ‘LMS365 Freemium Demo’ or visit https://xcontent.com/lms365freemium and complete the form and we will get in touch with you. 


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