Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack

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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack

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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack
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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack
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Core-based licensing Under the Per Core licensing model, each server running SQL Server software or any of its components (such as Reporting Services or Integration Services) must be assigned an appropriate number of SQL Server core licenses. The number of core licenses needed depends on whether customers are licensing the physical server based on physical cores or licensing individual virtual operating system environments (OSEs).

Unlike the Server+CAL licensing model, the Per Core model allows access for an unlimited number of users or devices to connect from either inside or outside an organization’s firewall. With the Per Core model, customers do not need to purchase additional client access licenses (CALs) to access the SQL Server software

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack

SQL Server 2022 Standard Core - 2 Core License Pack is a database management software that offers comprehensive and effective tools for storing, processing, and analyzing data. With this product, users can easily and efficiently manage large amounts of data, increasing the productivity and efficiency of organizations. The current release has the highest level of compatibility with the Azure platform to date, enabling customers to conduct deeper analysis, scale efficiently, and take advantage of many interesting features.

One of the product's main strengths is its high performance, which enables fast processing of large amounts of data, which in turn translates into increased work efficiency and time savings. In addition, SQL Server 2022 offers easy scalability, which allows organizations to tailor their databases to their business needs and requirements.

SQL Server 2022 also features advanced analytical tools that allow users to generate reports and analyze data in real time. As a result, organizations can gain valuable insights into their operations, allowing them to make better business decisions and become more competitive in the marketplace.

The most interesting features in SQL Server 2022:

  1. Azure SQL Managed Instance: SQL Server 2022 is fully integrated with the new Azure SQL Managed Instance link feature. With this capability, users benefit from a PaaS environment for disaster recovery. This reduces the time required for configuration and management, even compared to an IaaS environment.

  2. Azure Synapse Link: Previously, moving data from local databases such as SQL Server to Synapse required building an ETL process. The Azure Synapse Link solution for SQL Server 2022 provides automated change management - enabling you to capture those changes in SQL Server and pass them to the Azure Synapse Analytics solution. Synapse Link provides near real-time analysis, simplifying the ETL process and eliminating latency.

  3. Integration with Microsoft Purview: Microsoft Purview is a unified data management service with which SQL Server has been integrated. With this integration, you can automatically scan your on-premises SQL Server to capture metadata or classify data using built-in and custom labels. The integration also allows you to configure and control specific SQL Server access capabilities.

  4. Other features available in Azure: a simple connection to the Azure Arc agent, part of the default SQL Server 2022 configuration process, provides additional capabilities, such as a single view of all SQL Servers deployed on-premises, but also in Azure and other cloud solutions. The new SQL Server release also has additional data protection with Microsoft Defender for Cloud. It also enables identity security with Single Sign-On and Azure Active Directory service

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